Student Contest Rules

SAVEME is organising a competition to win one summer of free water...

Article 1 - Organisation

The competition is organised by BAND NV, with its registered office at 8200 Oostkamp (Belgium) Rustoordstraat 43A, and is accessible via the website from 16 May 2022 up to and including 30 June 2022.

Article 2 - Schedule

The competition is taking place from 16 May 2022 up to and including 30 June 2022.

Article 3 - Rules

The participant must comply with the following actions:

  1. Take a picture or video with your FREE SAVEME can

  2. Post on Instagram or TikTok

  3. Tag @savemeforgood

  4. Use the hashtag #SAVEMESUMMER

  5. Follow @savemeforgood

Participating in this competition implies acceptance of these rules. Participation in the competition is restricted to any adult natural person residing in Belgium, except for staff members of SAVEME.

Article 4 - The winner and the prize

There is 1 winner who will win 1 summer of free water. 

Winner will be announced on 30th June 2022

Article 5 - Disqualification

SAVEME can, at any time, disqualify a person from participation in the competition if that person does not comply with the participation conditions, as provided for in Article 3, or in case of suspicion of fraud or abuse. In this case, the next person to be chosen will be the one who meets the SAVEME criterion.

Article 6 - Information about the prize

The winner receives one summer of free water, nl. 2 cans SAVEME water per day. This means that the winner receives 6 trays with 24 cans.

There is no financial or other compensation foreseen in lieu

Article 7 - Force Majeure

If a legal or structural modification, a case of force majeure or any change beyond SAVEME's control prevents the continuation or stability of this programme or prevents or modifies its essential elements, SAVEME shall be released from any commitment.

Article 8 - Modification of the competition

The organisers of the competition reserve the right to change the competition or its running if unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond their control warrant it. They cannot be held liable if the competition has to be interrupted, postponed, or cancelled due to circumstances beyond their control.

Article 9 - Personal data

The personal data that SAVEME collects during this competition will not be disclosed to third parties, except under the terms of Article 11 paragraph 2 of these Rules.

Article 10 - Complaints

Participation in this competition implies unconditional acceptance of the rules and any decision made by the organiser. No dispute will be taken into consideration by the organiser. Any complaint related to this campaign must be sent in writing within 7 working days following the end of the competition schedule to SAVEME's registered office. No complaints will be handled verbally or by telephone. Late complaints or complaints not submitted in writing will not be considered. These rules are subject to Belgian law, and any dispute relating to their application falls within the jurisdiction of the Brussels courts.

Article 11 - General

Damages resulting from the use of the participant's personal data by unauthorised persons can in no case be recovered from the organiser, provided the latter has taken all necessary security measures that may reasonably be expected of them.

The winners give their express consent to SAVEME to mention their identity on the social networks and in the media in general.

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