Saveme for good


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Nobody likes a motherfucker earth
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Words are the matter from which the world is born - they can heal us, unite us, free us, and empower us. Today’s message of hope can help us all imagine tomorrow’s better world.

SAVEME exists to give your words the chance to be heard. Our pure mountain water is packaged in infinitely recyclable cans that serve as a canvas for your message. They exist so that your words can help us all come together to SAVE MOTHER EARTH.

So, the only question left is…

100% recyclable
aluminium cans.
Good for you, even better
for Mother Earth.

  • Aluminium cans can be recycled over and over again. Recycled aluminium also utilises 95% less energy than creating it from raw materials.
  • Aluminium cans are the most efficient drink containers to transport. Lighter, packed more efficiently, and hardly any breakage.
  • Aluminium cans stay cooler much longer, and also have a longer shelf life, protecting the product from light and air.
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