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Refresh your body with PURE MOUNTAIN WATER.  Be fantastic and drop the plastic! 100 % recyclable 100 % pure  100 % cool!

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Only 9 percent of all plastic is being recycled! All other plastic is destroying our Earth one way or another. #SAYNOTOPLASTIC! Stop using single use plastic bottles and join the SAVEME Movement! #SAVEMEFORGOOD

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Pure mountain water canned at the source in the Austrian alps.
Refreshing pure mountain water with a pH value of 7.9+, that contains an alkaline rich mineral profile with just the right electrolytes your body needs.
SODIUM 4.50 / MAGNESIUM 15.64 / CALCIUM 37.13 / NITRATES 0.60 / CHLORIDE 0.85 / M-SILICA 38.00 / BICARBONATE 195.50
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